Above you can find an overview of the programme that is planned for the camp.

There are two different parts of the programme: a practical and a theoretical part.

Practical units are marked in blue and theoretical ones in orange. The units will take place at the same times and participants can choose the units in their individual programme.

Practical Component: 

Do you want to know what Cub Scouts and Brownies in foreign countries experience?

Do you want to see what they do during their meetings? Do you simply want to experience Cub Scout and Brownie life in a foreign country?

You are welcome to try Cub Scout and Brownie games from all over the world. Join our international singing circles and learn songs in foreign languages. Learn the best tips, tricks and rituals from other Cub Scout and Brownie leaders, and even make new friends in the process. 

Experience the adventure of being a Cub Scout or a Brownie!

Activities – Playing, Singing, Dancing – Let´s Go!

Participants from different countries can compare their individual meeting activities. We invite you to inspire other group leaders with your activities. At the same time, the international spirit can be captured and passed on to the Cub Scouts and Brownies of your local group back home.  

Workshops – How To & Do It Yourself

Do it yourself stands for a basic principle of scouting: Learning by doing. 

With this in mind, you can learn programmes, methods, activities and much more from other group leaders. 

The principle of how to do it shows you exactly how these methods work, how you can prepare activities and how these ventures are structured. Here, you will also have the opportunity to exchange well-proven methods and different approaches to projects and activities. 

Prior to the event, we also encourage you to contribute to the programme by telling us your topic suggestions or perhaps offering a workshop of your own.

Exchange – Learn Rites and Rituals of Cub Scouts and Brownies from all around the World 

Do you want to learn how Cub Scouts and Brownies from different countries structure and experience their special moments? Then this is the place for you! We will get to the bottom of many questions: Is there a "Council Rock" in other countries like the one that the wolf pack in The Jungle Book used? How do Cub Scouts and Brownies mark the moment when they change to the next age section? How do you plan an evaluation with Cub Scouts and Brownies? Which rules do Cub Scouts and Brownies follow in different countries? This, and much more, will be discussed in various methods as well as presented and exchanged. 

Theoretical Component: 

Exhibition: "Scouts and Guides, Cub Scouts and Brownies from around the World"

Discover the origin of all AKELA participants. Find out where they come from and how they live in their respective countries. 

Furthermore, how do the age structures of different Scout and Guide associations look? Who are the leaders and how have they been trained? What does the organisational structure look like and how strong is a Scout/Guide movement's influence on society and politics? Is there a connection with the Churches or schools? What is the Scouts’/Guides’ history in different regions? Get to know what it means to be a Cub Scout or a Brownie, embrace the philosophy and the content of their adventurous environment, plus learn basics of such traditions of working with them all around the world. 

In this section the participants will learn, via colourful presentations, about all the interesting and useful facts concerning Scouting and Guiding (especially with this age group) and their activities in different countries and cultures. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the Scout and Guide Associations which interest you most and to discuss, ask questions and be inspired together. Find out what the youth programme for this age section in different countries looks like and share your experiences with respect to aims and ideals.

Experts' Lectures: Getting familiar with basic knowledge

Use this opportunity to get information about everything concerning Cub Scouts and Brownies. Speakers will give lectures about what children are up to today. Here, you can increase your knowledge in order to become better prepared for subsequent discussions. You will have the possibility to join multiple sessions.  

Rounds Tables: "An Analysis of Cub Scouts and Brownies Topics"

Having learned a lot about different cultures as well as Scouting and Guiding in foreign countries, you can share your impressions with each other. How important is participation in other countries and how can you implement it with your Cub Scouts or Brownies? How can you approach the topic of freedom? What about the topic of faith? Is an international gathering with Cub Scouts or Brownies possible? You can discuss and develop topics like this and many more for the future. Above all, you can reflect on your own Scouting and Guiding activities as well as habits and rituals. Discuss pros and cons, develop new ideas and be encouraged to try something new. 

Your jointly developed ideas will be the basis of a proclamation to the world associations. As previously mentioned, you can also tell us your topic suggestions beforehand