background story

Every year around spring time Bernie, the stork, goes on an adventurous journey.  He flies from Akela’s jungle to the North and eventually comes back in autumn. Every time he brings many stories from foreign countries and from people he has met on his way.

He also meets people who call themselves “Scouts” or “Guides”. Those Scouts and Guides often have different names too. Some are called “Cub Scouts”, others “Brownies” etc. Bernie knows that Akela has been appointed to be the leader of the wolfpack, but Akela is still quite inexperienced. Bernie tells Akela that the scouts and guides have leaders too. Some of them have been applying themselves to that task for many years. Bernie wants to help his friend Akela, but doesn’t know how.

Akela is very interested in Bernie’s adventures and stories. He would very much like to go on such a journey too, but his responsibility for his wolfpack prevents him from doing so.

Nevertheless, Akela wants to meet the people from Bernie’s stories to exchange experiences and knowledge.

 An Invitation:

Last time Akela and Bernie met, Akela had a unique idea: Bernie will invite all the friends he has met on his journey. They will all come to the jungle and be part of a big meeting.

This way Akela has the opportunity to get to know the big, wide world – whilst staying at home in his jungle. Together they have started to write invitations and to explain Akela’s situation and his worries.