Akela introduces himself

Dear Cub Scouts, dear Brownies, dear friends from all over the world. Oowhooo!

I am Akela, the Second, leading wolf of the biggest jungle pack and descendant of the great and wise Akela, who you surely all know.

First, I would like to introduce myself.

Ah, never mind... chitchat.

I’m Akela. I’m a young wolf, who recently took over the task of the pack leader. That’s more easily said than done!

The older wolves are know-it-alls, the young ones prefer to hunt and the cubs…don’t get me started. It’s not that easy here in the jungle. I don’t know where to start: The old jungle laws, taught by Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther – I know them, but a lot has changed here. I already had a few good ideas since I became the leader of the pack.

Recently, Bernie and I lied underneath Bearnie’s stork nest, just like we used to as kids. He, again, was telling me one of his traveller journeys. He met humans, called scouts and guides and some of them were even called young wolves. Then I had the brilliant idea: “Bernie, I’m going to invite them all! And you will deliver the invitations!” I further explained to him: Bernie is going to bring me the world into the jungle!

I’m inviting every one of you! Come to visit me in the jungle! Tell me all about your countries; tell me about your packs and your experiences!

I’m already excited to meet you and can’t wait!