Bernie introduces himself

Bernie introduces himself

Hi people. It’s me, Bernie. Have you seen my postman bag? Oh dear, I always lose this thing. Where did I put it this time? Oh no, not again! Please help me….Hang on a minute! Well, I should introduce myself.

Alright…second try: my name is Bernie Stork, born in the jungle on the – hang on, when was that again? Never mind, during winter I live in a large stork nest, third baobab on the left, straight after the council rocks of the wolves. When spring comes, I’m on my way into the big, wide world. Why? No idea, mum and dad always did exactly that. Oh, mummy!

I would like to take my best friend Akela, the wolf, on one of these journeys, but I always have to listen to the same complaints: no time, I have responsibilities, I would love to… Well, I can understand all that, but he will never become a globetrotter. Not that he would be able to compete with the 200 air miles I do every day. How would he be able to fly anyways?

But he is very keen to hear all my stories from around the world. Not surprising, looking at all of the stuff I have experienced. Back to me, where did we stop?

Alright, third try: my name is Bernie, as of late a postman. That’s pretty obvious. Hence the bag, well, I’ll be looking for it later.

How I got this job? Akela had this crazy idea! Since he can’t leave the jungle, he wanted all of my friends to come to him. And guess who will be delivering the invitations? Any ideas? Nothing? Me, of course!

Once I find my bag, you will all get an invitation!